Casa de Amistad would like to thank the ACC for their consideration of our CDBG grant for 2016 and their support over the past several years. The misunderstanding regarding our eligibility and grant application has wasted a lot of people's time on both sides. We would not have gone forward with the rigorous application process had we known we were not eligible. Nor would we have continued to meet with commissioners and gain public support. We feel our case for funding is worthy and we are disappointed to be deemed ineligible at this stage in the process.

All staff, past and present board members, and our community partners feel strongly about the services that Casa offers to the Latino community. Alex, the departing director, has provided these services directly to hundreds of people seeking help and overseen thousands of volunteer hours for the past 4 years. Those seeking help from Casa have NO WHERE else in the area to seek these services, free of charge to all and free of any other obligation. Any funds that might be available at the commission’s discretion would go to fund materials, software and labor to provide these services for the most vulnerable population in Athens.

The Latino population is an important and growing demographic for Clarke County. In our opinion, the support for this community is necessary to build a better future for all of us. We are also aware that there are other services available to this under-served population but NONE that are of no cost to the participants and which are dedicated to this growing but stressed community. Our hope is that with public awareness, stemming from Casa’s advocacy compassion will win the day and as soon as Casa is eligible; CDBG funds will be secured.